“Off the Wall”

pixelstained-technopeasant.jpgIn honor of International Pixel Stained Technopeasant Day, I present this .pdf of one of my short stories.
“Off the Wall” was published in 2004 in “WORDS.” Enjoy.
Download “Off the Wall”

4 thoughts on ““Off the Wall”

  1. Scott and Jaye,
    Thanks so much. I’m glad it’s getting a reading after so many years in the “it has been published, so it’s buried” pile.

  2. Published work

    The Houses in Their Backs was published in The Cafe Irreal “The Candles are on the Cake” appeared at Uber. “Off the Wall” appeared in WORDS, and here. “The Phrenologist’s Collection” appeared at Bossa Nova Ink. “Talking Down the Flames”…

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