Fun with speech to text software

I have done some calculations. If I type at my current pace, every night, I should finish transcribing my handwritten novel in just about three months. This is what I get for learning how to write.
One solution to this problem occurred to me: speech to text software. If I can read my work into my computer it might take me far less time. According to one speech to text software developer’s site my time would be cut to 1/3rd: a month! Worth a try? I think so. But before I invest in a program I should try them out. So, below you will find my first test of one of the handful of speech to text candidates. I’ve pasted the programs transcription of my reading, followed by my typed version of the same text. Enjoy.
pitched been no did he wouldn’t let go of the controls Pulido willed
his death with elements that what happened to happen when he let go of
the controls his blond probably cold sweat and his fingers cramped TTL
BLK so tightly in such need but had noticed until the dough P. had
noticed the pain tilts don I didn’t think he would’ve known I’d park
cared which urchin he was head the day was headed east toward this
island and my stepfather who didn’t know yet that he waited the
engines and enter the engineering center
I know Daed. He would have let go of the controls. He let go and
willed his death. Let what happens happen. When he let go of the
controls his palms were probably cool from sweat, and his fingers
cramped. He’d held the yoke so tightly, in such need, but hadn’t
noticed until letting go. He hadn’t noticed the pain until it stopped.
I don’t think he would have known or cared what direction he was
headed in, but he was headed toward this island and my step-father,
who didn’t know yet that he awaited the engineer-inventor.
What do you think? Worth the money, no?

2 thoughts on “Fun with speech to text software

  1. Personally, I think that you should send me money. And, this dictation software would be great if I wanted to write a book about someone speaking in tongues. Hey…

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